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Международная научная конференция
Клиническая протеомика. Постгеномная медицина
30 октября - 1 ноября 2017
Москва, Россия

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Proteomes (Scopus / WoS) || Биомедицинская химия (Scopus)
В рамках постерной сессии будет определен ЛУЧШИЙ ПОСТЕР (приз от редакции Журнала "Proteomes")

Ключевые докладчики

Plenary Lecturers

Dr. Cecilia Lindskog

Dr. Cecilia Lindskog, Sweden, Uppsala University

Leader for the Tissue Proteome program and Director of the Tissue Atlas, part of the Swedish Human Protein Atlas project.
Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology.

David Goodlett

David Goodlett, USA, Professor in Pharma-sciences

«My interest in science revolves around protein structure-function relationships. I have used mass spectrometry to pursue this interest and, recently, this has led me to be involved in the investigation of early protein markers of lung diseases and leukemia classification»


Prof. Huanwen Chen

Prof. Huanwen Chen, East China Institute of Technology, China

Head of Jiangxi Key Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry and Instrumentation, the world-known leader in application of high-resolution measurements for Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Direct-Infusion Metabolomics of Humans, Animals and Plants.

Dr. Elena Ponomarenko

Dr. Elena Ponomarenko, Russia, Institute of Biomedical Chemistry

Laboratory for postgenome data analytics, automated data-mining and text-processing. Co-PI in the International Chromosome Centric Human Proteome Project, PhD in bioinformatics.

Dr. Paola Roncada

Dr. Paola Roncada, Italy, Istituto Sperimentale Italiano L. Spallanzani

Laboratory of microbial proteomics and quality and food safety. Currently running project for milk proteomics, and studying multi-drug resistance and inflammation in farm animals (cows).

Dr. Mikhail Gorshkov

Dr. Mikhail Gorshkov, Russia, V.L. Talroze Institute of Energy Problems of Chemical Physics

Group leader in computational proteomics and biological mass spectrometry. Currently engaged in a number of large scale projects in cancer biomarker discovery and bioinformatics (supported by Russian Science Foundation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and Ministry of Education and Science). One of the recently completed projects is the search engine pipeline for shotgun proteomics.

First Authors (Young “Guns”)

Vitaliy Chagovets

Vitaliy Chagovets, Russia, Leading Scientist

Collaborative work of Center for Gynecology, Perinatology and Obsterics (Moscow) and State Mass-spectrometry Lab (Jan-Xi, China), published in Scientific Reports, 2017:
Endometriosis foci differentiation by rapid lipid profiling using tissue spray ionization and high resolution mass spectrometry.

Arthur Kopylov

Arthur Kopylov, Russia, Leading Scientist

Arthur is the spokesman for the Russian athletes in CAS (the court, with resolves conflicts with WADA – world antidoping organization). For the first time he claimed, that due to the increased technologies now we observe ultra low-concentration of doping, which are contained in a regular diet of a person. See highly read paper "WADA moving toward illusions".

Opening/Closing Lecturers

Anna Kydryavtseva

Anna Kydryavtseva, Head of Shared Facility “Human Genome”, Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia

Ann succeeded to link next-gen sequencing to practical applications. Biochip multiplex analytics was applied to determine the optimal ways to cure early and late stages of breast/ovarian cancer. In 2016 her work received the top-most award of Russia for science and technology.

Andrey Moskalev

Andrey Moskalev, Head of Shared Facility “Human Genome”, Institute of Molecular Biology, Syktyvkar/Komi Russia

Head of the lab. for molecular radiobiology and gerontology (Scientific Center of Komi), Head of the ecology lab in Syktyvkar State University, Head of the genetics of ageing lab in Moscow Physical-Technical University.

Also Expecting

Jiri Petrak

Jiri Petrak, CPh.D., Associate Professor, BIOCEV, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Vestec, Czech Republic

«We use quantitative proteomic approaches to study … molecular mechanisms underlying the development of drug resistance in various tumors or the processes responsible for heart failure. See «Proteomics, Beer and Chilies»»

Ancha Baranova

Ancha Baranova, Prof., George Mason University, USA

How to Combat the Stress? The view of molecular biologist on pandemia of the “gadgets”. Unfortunately it seems that Ancha could not come due to the time limits. ))) Anyway, we provide a link for her interview on the Silver Rain Radio (in Russian).

Eugene Nikolaev

Eugene Nikolaev, Prof., SkolTech

Famous for his great contribution into the analytical mass-spectrometry, Professor will deliver a lecture for expression changes in blood plasma after space flights. In collaboration with Institute of Medico-Biological Problems (scientific head – Prof. Alexander Grigoriev) and Proteomics Centre at the University of Victoria, Canada, head – Dr. Cristoph Borchers.


  • Ассоциация российских специалистов в области протеомики и постгеномных технологий
  • Европейская протеомная ассоциация
  • Клуб молодых ученых в области протеомики
  • Федеральное государственное бюджетное научное учреждение 'Научно-исследовательский институт биомедицинской химии имени В.Н. Ореховича' (ИБМХ)
  • Первый Московский Государственный Медицинский Университет им. И.М. Сеченова (Сеченовский Университет)
  • Российский национальный исследовательский медицинский университет им. Н.И. Пирогова
  • Российский научный фонд
30.10 - 1.11.2017, Москва, Россия
Первый Московский Государственный Медицинский Университет им. И.М. Сеченова


e-mail: clinicalproteomics2017@gmail.com

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